6 things employers can do to help staff reduce their stress levels

In little dosages, tension can be great. Biologically speaking, this is understood as “hormesis,” a favorable adaptive action and output from periodic or intense stress.The tension from workout produces development and strengthens the body. Grapes from stressed out plants can make acclaimed wines.And a bit of pressure and stress from a difficulty at work can spark endorphins that sustain creative breakthroughs.This type of pressure and tension exists in all work environments. It allows staff to continue to work and discover. When it becomes unrelenting and frustrating, it can turn into chronic stress. This is where it all takes a turn for the worst, negatively impacting employees health and their capability to carry out (Mendy, 2020). Workplace stress costs United States employers around $300 billion every year and continues to increase according to the American Institute of Stress. It is defined as a reaction of those presented with work needs and pressures that are not matched to their understanding and capabilities and which challenge their ability to cope (World Health Organization, 2020). READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE DisclaimerCrawford & & Company published this material on 28 October 2021 and is exclusively responsible for the info included therein. Dispersed by Public, unedited and unchanged, on 28 October 2021 16:42:04 UTC.

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