Dialogue continues on number of doses in first vaccine shipment

Specific health identifier number to be utilized for vaccination process

A first shipment of 5,000 dosages of the Covid-19 vaccine from Pfizer BioNTech is prepared for in about 10 days time by the Health Service Executive (HSE), Irish Medical Times reports.
The HSE anticipated there would be a minimum quantity of 4,750 vaccines, which would be supplied in boxes of 975 dosages, but they remained in discussion to increase that number.
Paul Reid, Chief Executive HSE, told the most current operational media instruction that they were in conversation with Pfizer today about strengthening the delivery on the first day. Reid added he wants to see 10,000 doses and that was “the sort of conversations we are having”.
Following the preliminary shipment, smaller volume shipments were expected. The HSE expectation was of regular brief sequence weekly, or 10-day deliveries, developing through January and February 2021.
Preliminary shipments would be assigned on the basis of prioritisation and concentrated on those aged 65 and over in long term care facilities for homeowners and staff, as well as peer vaccinators.
Efforts were underway by the European Commission to line up shipment of vaccines all at once throughout European Union (EU) member states over 3 days, December 27 to 29 2020. The timing had still not been settled.
Reid underlined the extra steps that needed to be finished by HSE groups and the National Immunisation Office following the expected approval from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the releasing of marketing authorisation by the Commission. These measures consisted of training materials and getting vital interactions out to the long term care centers in relation to the registration procedure and approvals.
Necessary consumables such as syringes and needles had actually been procured, were in stock and were prepared for circulation together with the vaccine.
The first national individual health identifier number (IHI) was to be utilized end to end for the vaccination process and would be utilized to share information with the nominated GP “to streamline the whole procedure”.
Engagement was underway with candidates from the Irish Medical Organisation (IMO) and the Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP) on the crucial function of GPs in the vaccination programme in later phases, the rundown heard yesterday afternoon (December 17).
The IT system is to be provided by preferred vendors IBM and Salesforce.

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