Houthi restrictions on confronting Corona… and government demands for international intervention

The Supreme Committee for Emergencies in Yemen called on the World Health Organization and the United Nations to inform the global community and international public opinion of the limitations enforced on steps to face the Corona epidemic in the areas managed by the Houthi coup militia, while continuing its refusal to vaccinate versus the epidemic. A woman contaminated with corona in a healthcare facility in Sanaa (archive) The committee held the Houthi militia responsible for its ongoing intransigence and rejection to immunize versus the Corona epidemic in its locations of control, consisting of: This is for health and medical cadres, which puts their lives at threat. From the re-emergence of polio illness and its expansion to new governorates, which will make up a brand-new challenge for Yemen and its neighboring nations and necessitate the worldwide community to presume its duty towards this terrific danger, stressing that the World Health Organization need to act urgently in coordination with the Ministry of Health to confront this threat.

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