Long COVID, Fasting & mRNA Q & A #7 with Dr. Henry Ealy

I thank Dr. Ealy for all of his guidance and great wisdom. I have been listening to him for months now and when covid did hit I felt very prepared, says Debra. My husband had covid and experienced severe brain fog, I had mild covid. Neither of us are vaccinated. I treated my husband with hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, zinc, vit. D, (and all the other recommended supplements). I began his treatment on day 5 (I didn’t realize that he was sick) and I started my treatment on the first day of my symptoms (hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and z-pack). I was fine in a day however my husband suffered for 3 weeks. We did not go to the hospital. He is almost back to being well however he has leg twitches consistently through the night (this was one of the first signs of his covid sickness). I would like to do a clinical 3-day water fast with him but wanted to see if he can continue to take his supplements or should he fast from those as well?

Dr. Henry Ealy joins Malcolm Out Loud on the Voice of a Nation to answer listener questions. Dr. Henry Ealy is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, Founder of the Energetic Health Institute, and author of over 200 published works. He is the lead author of a series of peer-reviewed research papers providing significant evidence that safe and effective treatments for COVID exist and are being withheld from the American public. Energetic Health Radio, with Dr. Henry Ealy, airs on Sat and Sun at 3 PM ET on America Out Loud Talk Radio.

Here are examples of the kind of questions that we will address on the program today, and much more:

Paula – Is there any way to find a medical professional qualified to conduct water fast & accompanying nutritional support in a given geographic area? My daughter (age 50 with other autoimmune issues) is suffering from what I believe is an ADE reaction after getting a cold several months after Moderna shots. Spiraling in and out of ER with migraines, stomach issues, etc. She lives in the San Diego area.

Natalie – An integrated physician informed me that “they” are poisoning the vitamin D3 supplements. Can you investigate or confirm this?

Scott – I am being forced as a healthcare worker to get the now booster shot. I want to do anything in my power to neutralize the vaccine. Question 1: Is there ANYTHING I can do to reduce the mRNA vaccine? Question 2: Is there anything I can inject right after the vaccine with the same needle that will kill the mRNA? Question 3: Will applying a heating pad or going to a sauna help break the mRNA down so some do not react with the Pfizer vaccine?

Maggie – Thank you for your extraordinary work to inform and protect us! I heard an interview in 2021 where Dr. Ealy talked about a protocol he used to help someone who was failing with neurological issues due to vaccination for Covid. Can you direct me to that interview? Although each case is different I would like to share it with a friend who I believe is having severe neurological pain due to a booster shot, after two previous shots. Thank you, I appreciate you so much for your hard work.

Russell – Is there any evidence that the Covid injection can cause visual problems?

Fred – Please help! My friend in New York had Covid 19 in December and her strong immune system fought it off. Last week she started developing really debilitating headaches and other adverse symptoms. The headaches have persisted for 9 days now. How can we find a Dr. in that area who knows more about these symptoms please or more info on how she can act to get her life back?

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