New Zealand Professional Firefighters Union – NZPFU disputes FENZ’s Long Covid19 notice

The NZPFU had previously informed FENZ we wanted to work with FENZ to ensure members were provided with appropriate information to educate
and raise awareness of Long Covid19 and its health implications.  But FENZ’s notice issued on Friday is slim on Long Covid19
information and goes far further than an education and awareness tool.  FENZ’s Notice includes requirements that have serious
consequences for employees that may result in loss of income or even termination of employment.  These punitive measures were never
raised with the NZPFU.

It is the NZPFU’s view that the National Notice 027/2022 Returning to operational duties following Covid-19 infection that includes
the requirement of the immediate cessation of work upon experiencing any of the broad range of symptoms is unlawful.  There has been no
consultation on the proposal, the process or possible outcomes including the option of light duties.  FENZ is required to at least
consult with the NZPFU due to the serious implications for current and ongoing employment.  The NZPFU’s dispute notification to FENZ
is provided below.

Members are advised:

For more information on Long Covid:

Ministry of Health:

Centre for Disease Control and Prevention:

Below is the NZPFU notification of a dispute sent to FENZ today:

In the very least FENZ was required to consult prior to distributing this Notice.  Therefore we are notifying of a dispute for
the failure to consult in accordance with Clause 20 of the collective agreement in that FENZ has failed to consult over this proposed
notice that impacts on the members’ rights to work and security of employment in circumstances where they have recovered from illness and
would otherwise be fit for duty.

In unity,
Wattie Watson
National Secretary

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