WOW: China is Creating “Humanized Pigs” for Covid Research

Just what you wanted to hear going into the Christmas week, the Chinese are now working on “Humanized Pigs” for Covid-19 research. I mean, what could go wrong?

You would think the group responsible for doing Gain of Function research, which is basically biological weapons, call it what is is folks, would leave well enough alone after unleashing the Covid-19 virus on the world.

Unfortunately, that’s the exact opposite of what they’re doing. Now, after developing coronaviruses potentially including Covid-19, the Chinese are creating something called “humanized pigs” that they plan to use for Covid research. Here’s what ZeroHedge reports:

Nobody knows where those gene-edited girls are now (the Chinese government won’t say), but Beijing has apparently found a new project for its best gene scientists: the country’s largest research institution has reportedly developed mutant “humanoid pigs” that are susceptible to the human strain of the coronavirus using the world’s premier gene editing technology.

Once developed, the pigs will be used as test subjects as scientists test new remedies being developed to fight COVID. Though on this the Global Times, one of Beijing’s many state-controlled newspapers, didn’t go into much detail.

A study published in August showed the researchers at the Institute of Microbiology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences explained how the scientists used CRISPR, a gene-editing tool, to remove the genetic protections that allow the pigs to reduce the human virus. The project clearly has the full backing of the CCP: the CAS research institution is the world’s largest organization of its kind and a formal arm of the Chinese government.

That shocking report is supported by an article in the Global Times, essentially a mouthpiece for the CCP regime, which had this to say in a recent article:

Research teams from the IMCAS, Tsinghua University and China Agricultural University developed two new models for COVID-19 infection: the human distal lung organoids (hDLO) and the humanized pig model.

The existing cell lines and animal models on guinea pigs and some primates used for simulation of COVID-19 infection cannot capture the key characteristics of human physiology and therefore limit the accuracy of test on efficacy of vaccines and drugs. 

Apparently, the pig-human hybrids will help the Red Chinese model responses to Covid-19 for research purposes.

Shockingly enough, the two guys that the left makes fun of the most were years ahead of our own media and government. Alex Jones and Joe Rogan nailed it.

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